Providing circular solutions

Improving your environmental footprint with a personal touch

Looking for a partner that can improve your sustainability?

Waste is an inevitable result of a production process and can have different causes like defects or cutting waste.

MATCO PLASTICS can help you to transform your waste into raw materials, either for your production (closed-loop) or for the open market (open-loop). Our team can personally advise you on how we can improve your environmental footprint.

Our personal service and our expertise constitute the foundation for long-term partnerships!


As an experienced recycling partner, MATCO PLASTICS provides high-quality recycled products based on Post-Industrial waste.

Our sustainable products are being sold via EURASIACORP NV.


Our Services

Size reduction

We can shred and grind your production waste to the desired size 


We have a patented process to separate PolyAl production waste into high-quality polymer and aluminum


Multiple extrusion lines with continuous melt filtration for PS, PE and PP