A reliable partner

Improving your environmental footprint with a personal touch

MATCO PLASTICS  was founded in 1996 as a trading company for recycled plastics. In 2020 MATCO PLASTICS acquired Reborn Plastics, nowadays the production facility of MATCO PLASTICS. In 2022 the company was acquired by EURASIACORP NV.

MATCO PLASTICS offers  in-house recycled resins (open- and closed-loop) and tolling services. Our international network, personal service, and our expertise constitute the foundation for long-term partnerships.

Our Services

Size reduction

We can shred and grind your production waste to the desired size 


We have a patented process to separate PolyAl production waste into high-quality polymer and aluminum


 We have multiple compounding lines with continuous melt filtration for PS, PE and PP