Closing the loop for VARIBOX®

May 2, 2023
Together with Houweling Belgium and Rotovia, MATCO PLASTICS is closing the loop for VARIBOX®. Making a recyclable intermediate bulk container (IBC) even more sustainable.

Many chemical distributors and detergent suppliers across Europe rely on the VARIBOX® to work in the safest way possible. Through its unique design and heavy-duty construction, the VARIBOX® has a lifetime of  up to 10 years making it a sustainable and recyclable packaging. The use of Post-Consumer-Recycle (PCR) materials is becoming increasingly important in manufacturing processes. The VARIBOX®, which is  made from polyethylene, is a good example how to close the loop.

Used VARIBOX® IBCs are being regularly inspected and cleaned by Houweling Belgium (former Alpak) and reconditioned by replacing the inner container after about 5 years (half way its lifetime). The used inner containers are being collected and cleaning,  preparing them for high quality recycling.

At MATCO PLASTICS we transform the up to 1000 L inner containers to flakes by shredding them. Next, we grind them into flakes which are the main raw material for extrusion.

In combination with additives these flakes are compounded into a ready-to-use raw material which Rotovia uses to produce new pallets for VARIBOX® IBCs.

New pallets for the VARIBOX® are now produced with at least 98% PCR content and by doing so new VARIBOX® IBCs contain almost 30% PCR reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions with at least 20%*.

This helps Rotovia to reduce the amount of waste and decreases the resources required to manufacture new pallets. Improving the environmental footprint of VARIBOX® IBCs  is making them even a more sustainable packaging solution for their customers who want to improve the sustainability of their supply chain.

Together we can reduce waste and improve sustainability!

*) Based on Plastics Europe and Plastics Recyclers Europe data